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Zoe Liu | 刘哲

Managing Partner, Business Strategy

EA No. R1980287

Zoe embarked on her career as a Managing Consultant with an esteemed international executive search firm listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The firm, which boasted 80 offices spanning across 7 countries, specialized in the dynamic fields of big health, retail, and digital technology. In this role, Zoe played a pivotal role in establishing the "Belt and Road" business desk, which offered comprehensive human resource solutions to Chinese and global clients seeking to expand their operations globally. Leading a team of 6 professionals across Singapore, Malaysia, and China, Zoe spearheaded numerous successful executive placements in over 40 countries, earning her the esteemed "Best Client Partner 2019" award in recognition of her remarkable contributions.

Armed with a solid educational background in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Zoe's expertise lies in serving clients in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, specializing particularly in diagnostics, IVD and genomics. She possesses a keen ability to craft effective strategies for talent mapping and market research, aiding organizations in their quest for top-tier talent.

In 2021, Zoe received an invitation to join Giga Byte Dash, assuming the role of Group HRBP and Recruitment General Manager. Her primary objective was to facilitate the company's transformation from a regional Asian entity into a decentralized global organization. Over the course of two years, Zoe meticulously developed comprehensive plans for talent acquisition, HR operations, Compensation & Benefits, and Learning & Development. Moreover, she played an integral role in fostering a distinct and vibrant corporate culture unique to the company. Due to her exceptional contributions, Zoe was subsequently promoted to the role of Group HRBP/Head of HR and Corporate Representative, where she expertly led a team of 30 professionals across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Taiwan.

In addition to her extensive experience, Zoe is proficient in Applied Project Management and Agile methodology and has skilfully incorporated these practices into her HR management approach.

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