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Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a process used by organizations to identify and evaluate the existing talent pool, both internally and externally, in order to strategically plan for future talent needs. Its purpose is to create a visual representation of the skills, capabilities, and potential of individuals within a specific industry or organization. Talent mapping helps companies identify high-potential employees, assess skill gaps, and develop targeted succession planning and talent acquisition strategies. It enables businesses to proactively address talent shortages, optimize workforce planning, and ensure a pipeline of qualified individuals to meet future organizational needs.


Our 5-Stage Talent Mapping Process:

  1. Define Talent Needs: Determine the talent requirements of the organization in alignment with its strategic goals and future growth plans. Identify key positions, critical skills, and competencies needed to drive success.

  2. Assess Existing Talent: Evaluate the current workforce to understand the skills, capabilities, and potential of individuals within the organization. Review employee performance, track records, career aspirations, and development needs.

  3. External Talent Mapping: Explore the external talent market to identify potential candidates who possess the desired skills and competencies. Utilize online platforms, recruitment agencies, professional networks, and industry events to identify and engage with top talent.

  4. Succession Planning: Identify high-potential employees within the organization who could be groomed for future leadership roles. Develop tailored development plans and provide opportunities for growth and advancement.

  5. Talent Acquisition Strategy: Based on the talent needs and gaps identified, develop a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy. This may involve recruitment campaigns, targeted sourcing, employer branding initiatives, and effective candidate assessment and selection processes.

At NexusHire, our mission is to empower our clients with a distinct edge in talent acquisition through our specialized market mapping services. Leveraging our holistic methodology, profound industry expertise, and robust research capabilities, we deliver invaluable insights and strategic guidance. By utilizing our market mapping solutions, organizations can proactively discover, attract, and secure exceptional talent, positioning themselves for sustained success in today's dynamic business environment.

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