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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At NexusHire Solutions, we understand that successful recruitment is about finding the right hire, not just the perfect one. Our approach goes beyond matching the skills and experience, we believe that a successful hire requires a nexus of elements, such as a fit to culture, the ability to build chemistry, the agility to adapt to changes, and the commitment to work towards realizing the organization's vision and goals. 


Our processes and methodology help you define your recruitment processes as we believe in building a long-lasting and collaborative partnership with our clients.  We invest in learning and understanding your organization's culture and values, your products and/or services, your unique selling points, your challenges and your business goals. Our consultants come from the industry and process a combine of over 50 years of executive recruitment experience supporting clients within the Asia Pacific region. It is our aim to  help you identify talent who will help develop, grow and transform your organization.


At NexusHire, our philosophy is that great businesses are run by people. We are passionate about building nexus between people, culture and knowledge. We believe that by matching these elements, we can achieve a positive outcome for our clients and help their organizations thrive.

Our Story

EXELLAR-Nexus emerged from the shared vision of EXELLAR and NexusHire's founders to offer a seamless one-stop solution, elevating the clients' experience.

EXELLAR, a leading player in risk advisory and due diligence, joined forces with NexusHire, specializing in talent solutions. The mutual benefits derived from their complementary services provide a simplified process for clients seeking assistance in both areas.

Through the unified strength of EXELLAR and NexusHire, clients gain access to comprehensive risk management strategies, informed decision-making support, and the ability to identify and secure the right talent for their organizations. This integrated approach enhances efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ultimately delivers superior business outcomes for clients.


The collaboration between EXELLAR and NexusHire forms a compelling value proposition, combining their expertise and services to offer clients an unparalleled advantage.

Pillars of Justice

Our Credo

  1. Connecting Leaders, Unleashing Potential
    At Nexus, we are driven by the power of connections. Our purpose is to identify exceptional leaders and connect them with organizations where their potential can truly flourish, unlocking a nexus of transformative possibilities.

  2. Embracing Intersections
    e thrive at the crossroads of industries, sectors, and ideas. By actively seeking out diverse talent and understanding the evolving business landscape, we uncover the nexus of innovation and growth, facilitating dynamic partnerships that transcend boundaries.

  3. Integrity as Our Guiding Compass
    We uphold the highest standards of integrity in every aspect of our work. Transparency, fairness, and ethical practices form the bedrock of our relationships, ensuring that both candidates and clients trust us as their dedicated partners in executive search.


  4. Cultivating Leadership Ecosystems
    Our commitment extends beyond individual placements. We are dedicated to cultivating robust leadership ecosystems by fostering mentorship, knowledge sharing, and continuous development. This nexus of support and growth enables leaders to reach their full potential and shape the future of their organizations.


  5. Impact through Inspired Matches
    We believe in the power of inspired matches to drive extraordinary outcomes. By meticulously understanding the unique needs, aspirations, and cultures of our clients, we create bespoke connections that align talent with organizational goals, igniting a nexus of success for both parties.

    Through our unwavering commitment to these principles, NexusHire stands as a trusted partner, a catalyst for growth, and a nexus where exceptional leadership converges with exceptional organizations.

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